November 12, 2019

#0010 - The magic word


If realization hadn't interrupted him, what would Grim do with the arms?

Here's our top 10 answers for "He would tear off my arms and ..."

1. ... bludgeon me to death with them.
2. ... attach them again backwards.
3. ... use them as fishing bait!
4. ... nails them to the mast so the crew knows what's up.
5. ... would wear them to frighten enemies.
6. ... force me to scrub the deck with shrubbers attached to the stumps.
7. ... paint "never sneak into my cabin" onto the sails with blood from them.
8. ... throw them in the evening stew.
9. ... would sow them to his body, because more is better.
10. ... shove them so far up my butt I can wave hello with my mouth.