April 21, 2020

Patreon extra strips are here!

The community goal to release extra strips for patreons has been reached! At the beginning of each month, we will release an extra-double sized strip for patrons!

The extra strips will NOT be part of the main storyline, so we have something special cooked up for you! We have:

Captain Lydia, Pirate Queen - Lydia dreams of being the captain of the Coldheart. Follow her daring exploits!

Captain Lydia

Carlotta - Courtesan in training - Read how Carlotta learned from the best on her road to become a true courtesan!

Carlotta courtesan in training

Tina Maria's War Stories - Listen to stories about Tina Maria during the war, directly from the cousin of the guy who knew someone who has a brother who's been there to see it!

Tina Maria War Stories

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