October 8, 2019

#0000 - Somewhere in the middle of the ocean


Welcome to "The Serpent, The Sinner and The Saint" webcomic!

It follows three very different women in a world close to 17th century Europe. There will be several fantasy elements and various breeches in historical context, so please don't judge us too harshly.

The update schedule will be Tue-Fri for now. There is also a Patreon Goal to increase the frequency of the strips to three times a week! Please consider joining us - it will help keep everything running smoothly and also keeps away ads and the censorship that often comes with them. Also you will be able to read the comic one day earlier! There will be more tiers in the future - we will keep you updated.

This current strip happens a couple months after the start of the first storyline tomorrow - an introductory teaser, if you will. ;)

As the website is new, please let me know if you experience any difficulties with paging or viewability, so I can try to fix it.

Most of all - enjoy reading the comic! Drop us some Feedback on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or Instagram!

Script by Helfried Haider, Art by the talented Elena Ominetti