October09, 2020

#0120 - Sudden doubts



This does not bode well for our fair heroines! So we're going to cut over to Lydia, just in case things get ugly ... Let's see how she is fairing in her prison cell!

Happy Birthday to SSS!


The Serpent, The Sinner & The Saint is one year old!
We have started the comic on October 8th 2019 with strip zero and here we are now, a year later with 120 strips in! So here is a little something to celebrate with us!
Tina is pretty good at cutting the cake, Lydia is (of course) getting a head start on eating it and Carlotta will surely save the candle because she can use it for professional reasons.

As of October 1st there is a new vote incentive on Topwebcomics. This time we asked Tina if she could get naked for us! You can see how that went by voting here. Please remember you can vote once per day! Every click helps us to get wider recognition for the comic!

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