July17, 2020

#0096 - Happy fishies


Sneaky Lydia!

But getting away is not as easy as she hopes. Also this particular comic made me look up if it's okay to use the word "fishes" in Bjorn's dialogue - after all, the plural of fish is fish. But seeing that it's unspecified and Lydia is likely feeding more than one type of fish, we're good. XD
In other news, I caved and finally put a vote incentive at Topwebcomics - if you don't know it, it's a website with links to webcomics, BUT the webcomics are sorted by votes they get from people. If you can spare a minute you can vote here to boost SSS's rating a bit, so more people are able to find the comic. Thank you to everyone who already pitched in! You can vote once per day, so if you can, please keep voting. It really helps us!

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