About us

The Author: Helfried Haider

It's always been some project. Some story. Some idea. As far as I can remember, I've been doing something.

I always had some kind of faible for fantasy. I am told that I started crying in grad school when they told me to practice drawing bricks by drawing a wall. I wanted to draw a tower instead (got my wish, btw). As we did some woodcarving, I remember doing a scene on a castle with crocodile like warriors fighting some guards. There's no clue WHY I had this special interest, no one else in my family seemed to have it. It was just there.

During my teenage years I got into roleplaying games and quickly realized that no one is playing them like the clich├ęd versions they show you on TV (thank God for that). It's been an amazing world of stories for long years.

When I was 7, I wrote my first story. When I was 14, I started to write my first book. When I was 21 I finished my first book. Finally, at 41, I published my first book. There's alsways a first. (Available here, if you want to have a look, but it's in German only!)

The Serpent, The Sinner and The Saint was a project I have had in my head for a very long time, but as I suck at drawing (unfortunately so), I never was able to follow through on it. Thankfully I wrote to Elena, who I found over an online friend - and here we are now!

If you want to drop me a line, feel free to mail to serpent.sinner.saint(at)gmail(dot)com or drop a note on social media!

The Artist: Elena Ominetti

Elena Ominetti is a comic book artist based in Italy and has been professionally drawing since 2016 after graduating in International school of Comics in Jesi (Italy).

Since then she worked both as a freelancer and for the italian publisher "Cronaca di Topolinia" with whom she worked for the serial issues "Puck", "Lunar Lex" and "Doyle". She is also a founding member of the indie comics publisher"Cappuccino ExPress".

She is currently working on Serpent Sinner Saint webcomic and for american publishers.

You can find her gallery on Instagram and on Facebook.